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date: march 2015
customer: Apiland nature
category: 3d - compositing

Apiland old mill 3d Apiland old mill 3dOn the occasion of the creation of a film about the making of walnut oil in an old mill, Apiland asked me to produce some 3D sequences to explain the operation of a mill. Here are some static viewsRenders have been done using RandomControl Arion. Water have been simulated with Realflow. Apiland old mill 3d Apiland old mill 3d Apiland old mill 3d
3d rendering, cgi, arion renderer, 3d graphist, Realflow, cgi mill

Cécil Isnard - versatile artist

Senior multimedia developer and freelance graphic designer ...
For many people, the concept is original and rare according to current professional standards. It is common to see two worlds intersect and sometimes confront each other: developers and designers.My experience allows me to evolve at the intersection of two, mastering many techniques, while maintaining an artistic and creative point of view.
My passion: image and 3d

My skills : the design (digital & print), development (air, ActionScript 3, flex (Adobe Certified Expert), Away3d, Unity 3d, html 5, css 3, javascript, jQuery, php...), mobile development (iPad, iPhone, Android), CGI, compositing and 3D in general, traditionnal illustration... and a lot, a lot of imagination !

Number of references are not on this site for reasons of confidentiality. Feel free to contact me for more information...

Flex Adobe Certified Expert and Unity senior developer, I am at your disposal
to achieve your RIA and / or visual projects.

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senior Unity 3d developer   Flex Adobe Certified Expert